About me

“Collect memories, not things.”

– Unknown –

 I love running! On trails, up and down mountains, and occasionally on roads. And I really like rabbits 😉

I started running in April 2016 which was more of a coincidence than a conscious choice. The only choice I made was to spend Good Friday at England’s beautiful South Coast with a bunch of runners that I didn’t really know. And it was a good Friday indeed; ~35 fun- and laughter-filled kilometres later, my body was (very) achy but my heart was happy!

From there on, I was hooked and kind of jumped straight into endurance running (I would not recommend following my approach). I took part in my first 50 km race 7 months later, followed by mountain races on Gran Canaria and in the French Alps, and my first 50 miler in May 2017. I am constantly inspired by the people, the landscapes and the energy of endurance/ultra running. I enjoy being surrounded by like-minded people who inspire and challenge me to find my limits and push beyond them. I run to explore, to adventure, to have fun.

For me, running is not only a hobby, but a lifestyle!